Bernardo, José

José Bernardo (b. 1938, Havana): The winner of three CINTAS fellowships, Bernardo worked as a designer with the architecture firm Harrison and Abramovitz in New York, where he worked on the master plan for Lincoln Center as well as on the U.S. Steel building in Pittsburgh. As an independent designer, he participated in projects at various museums, including the Metropolitan Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Natural History. Bernardo is also a musician and a writer. He is the composer of La Niña, a musical tragedy based on José Martí's poem “La Niña de Guatemala,” which received an award from the National Opera Institute, (now National Institute of Musical Theatre). Other compositional works include Concerto Barroco, Taliesin Symphony, Concerto for Viola and Orchestra and Concerto For Piano, Cuban Dance Band, and Symphony Orchestra. Bernardo’s books include Silent Wing, The Secret of the Bulls and The Wise Women of Havana. He has a Ph.D. from Columbia University. (CINTAS for Architecture & Design, 1969-70, and for Music Composition, 1970-71, 1972-73)

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