Ymayo Tartakoff, Laura

Laura Ymayo Tartakoff (b. 1954). An adjunct professor in the political science department at Case Western Reserve University, where she has received numerous teaching awards, Ymayo Tartakoff is also a lawyer specializing in constitutional law, civil liberties and Latin American issues. She received a law degree from Case Western Reserve University in 1990, a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and Master’s degrees from Tufts University and the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Her essays have appeared in European Community, La Tribune de Genève and Legal Writing: The Journal of the Legal Writing Institute. She is coeditor of Poetry and Politics: Selected Poems of Heberto Padilla. Her books of poetry include Mujer martes and Entero lugar, íntimo color. Her poems were selected for El zunzún viajero, a series edited by Juana Rosa Pita. (Cintas, 1977-78)

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