Vadía, Rafael

Endangered Dream (Into The Garden), 1992, Mixed media on canvas, H 12 x W 72 x D 3"inches

Rafael Vadía (b. 1950, Havana): Vadía’s work has been shows at galleries and museums such as the Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach, the Art Museum at Florida International University and the Lowe Art Museum. His pieces were also included in Expresiones Hispanas, the Coors National Art Exhibition and Tour, and Latin American Artists of the United States at the Organization of American States.  He is the winner of the Norton Museum’s Verna Lammi Memorial award, and his work is in the permanent collection of the Miami-Dade Public Library. Vadía studied at Miami-Dade College, the Ecole Des Beaux Arts in Paris and Florida International University (Cintas for art, 1991-92)

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