Peláez, José A.


Caracolamizina, 1978, ink on paper print edition 10/30, 12.5” x 17”

José A. Peláez (b. 1950, Havana) An architecture graduate from the University of Puerto Rico, Peláez has devoted himself to graphic design, printmaking, photography and literature. He exhibits his print work regularly and directs a workshop, Arte Sobre Papel, in Puerto Rico. Peláez has taught graphic arts at Monmouth University in New Jersey, and at the schools of Architecture and Communications at the University of Puerto Rico. His books include La verdad sencilla, a selection of works by José Martí, and the poetry collections Poemas sobre el lienzo con música y dos películas de terror, and Arqueología. (Cintas for art, 1977-78)

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