Valella, Angela

Double image attached, 2013, Inkjet print on silver metallic paper, 61 x 59 inches

Angela Valella (b. 1948, Havana): An artist with a long engagement with artist-led projects and collaborative initiatives who founded The Nightclub, a nomadic platform that has created a dialogue among diverse artistic practices and practitioners. Working in a variety of media including, painting, collage, installation and video, she investigates problems of perception, selective accumulation and non-linearity. She has served as curatorial advisor to the Museum of Art and Design MOAD and is a founding faculty member of Design and Architecture High School DASH, both located in Miami. Her work has been exhibited widely including at the Museum of Contemporary Art (North Miami, FL), Galeria do Museu (Lisbon, Portugal), Museo Nacional de Arte Moderno (Guatemala City, Guatemala), Centro Cultural Español (Miami, FL), Museum of Art and Design (Miami, FL), Cuban Art Museum (Miami, FL), and The Art Center at Colorado (Coral Springs, CO), among others. She is part of the curatorial team of the artist initiative, Fall Semester, a platform for public discussion on contemporary society and culture founded in 2013 and based in Miami. (CINTAS for visual art, 2013-2014)

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